Kryolan Body Paint: Swatches for orcs, goblins, and more!

Today Mario and I took a nice trip down to San Francisco to swatch a whole lot of colors for some friends. We had some greens, some blues, some purples and grays… and the people at Kryolan were very nice and didn’t even make faces at us taking forever and taking pictures and not even buying anything. (Not that we didn’t want to buy anything; there wasn’t anything that we actually needed at the time, and honestly we’re budgeting for a costume and a wedding here, so as much as I wanted to spend every dollar I had on all the gorgeous colors of lipstick and body paint, it wasn’t happening.)

We’ll start with the greens. We swatched all the greens they had on display to sample, and they were even awesome enough to bring out a tray of more green aquacolors for us to take a look at. As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger. All of these paints are in the Kryolan aquacolor line.

Without flash: 534, GR42 (available in both a cream that you can pump out, or a cake that’s water activated), 095, GR21, 512 Continue reading

How to: plan your cosplay costume!

(This post was written by our newest member of Arms, Armor, and Awesome: Skylar, of Lyeric cosplay. You can check her out here!)

Hey everyone! Here is a quick note with some tips on how to prepare and plan your future masterpiece!

This will be a two part tutorial, the second part being about preparing patterns and materials.

The preparation stage of costume creation is probably the most important. If you plan well, it will be much easier, and the whole your experience will be less stressful and more successful. Really, it’s all about researching and organizing!

Tip 1: Gathering Reference Pictures!  

Now is the time to surf the internet to find your references. You should find as many reference pictures as possible. A great cosplay is as accurate as possible. The best thing you can do to guarantee accuracy is to find as many angles as possible. Save this pictures to a folder and print them out. This way you don’t have to run back and forth to your computer.   If you are creating a Warcraft costume, I recommend using They have this great View in 3D feature. To collect the picture, just press Print Screen on the top of your keyboard, and paste the image into MS Paint/Photoshop (whichever you choose). You can also use WoW model viewer.

Tip 2: Decide what details are crucial and which you can be flexible on. 

Accuracy is a great thing, but remember, just because it is like that in game/drawn that way doesn’t mean it works like that in the real world.  This is when your artistic liberty comes into effect! Make it work. Another thing too: search through Deviantart and other pages to see how artists draw this costume. This can give you an idea on how to alter the costume to make it more realistic.

Tip 3:  Ask yourself if this is a costume you can realistically build.

I know there are many amazing costume potentials out there, but make sure it’s within your skill level. If you pick something way to difficult, you most likely will become frustrated and unhappy with it and quit (trust me).

Tip 4: Study your pictures and pick out what material will best suit that aspect of the costume.

Fabric choice, material choice and painting are critical! So make sure you take the time and effort to find out these things. It makes a world of a difference. Also- be prepared! Make a list of things you need to buy in order to create this costume. For some materials (example paper mache) you need a sander to make a smooth surface. Think ahead!

Tip 5: Take risks!

This is the best piece of advice I can give you. If you don’t take risks you will never learn. By taking these risks you can find your own techniques on how to construct items that you may not be able to find on the internet. So take chances! What’s the worst that could happen?

So, this is just a small note of advice I can give you. I hope it can help you a little bit! Part 2 is on its way.

Good luck, and happy costuming!


Welcome to Skylar of Lyeric Cosplay!

Mario and I would just like to extend a formal welcome to the newest member of Arms, Armor and Awesome, Skylar of Lyeric Cosplay, who will be posting here as Lyeric! We’re very excited to have her on board! Her female Lich King costume was her first, but boy is it amazing!

We can’t say enough just how excited we are to have her on our team!

Male and Female Witch Doctor body paint (also, a guide on body painting!)

This is my last post on my series of how I made the female Witch Doctor Costume, and Mario is working on writing up his posts now so you should see them soon.

To find the perfect shades for our body paint, we went to San Francisco (which is just over an hour away) and, of course with our trusty iPhones out with the pictures loaded up, compared swatch after swatch of paint to what was in the picture. Mario’s turned out to be a mix of two grays: 501 and FF7. Mine was a red/brown called 046. It was easier to order these by calling Kryolan, because I couldn’t find one of the shades anywhere online. If you don’t have a store around you that allows you to swatch the colors for your body paint, then make sure to look online for pictures and videos of swatches that others have done, to see how the shade looks on different skin types, and how it photographs.  Continue reading

Witch Doctor jewelry, shoes, and accessories

The lady Witch Doctor has an awful lot of jewelry and accessories going on. She’s got several gold bracelets on each wrist, one on her left upper arm, two gold bands on her right leg, a bone and feather leg band on her left leg, two completely different sandals, two gold hoop earrings in each ear, and what we have been lovingly referring to as the ‘crotch skull’. Yes, it is that skull with feathers that is clipped to the …crotch part of the skirt. Oh, and she’s got really long nails, too, which I did not get any pictures of at all when I was wearing them. Lame.  Continue reading

10% off commissions from!

Our awesome friend Jenny of is having a special just for our fans! She make amazing custom plushies, drawings, clay creations, and even costume pieces, and if you tell her that Alice or Mario sent you, she’ll give you 10% off your commissioned order if you order (and pay) by the 25th of April!

She’s already made us our custom WoW plushies, this awesome drawing, and she’s working on our wedding cake toppers and another custom drawing! You know that we trust someone when we’re letting them make our wedding cake toppers!

So go on over to, and send Jenny a message for a custom item. Make sure to tell her we sent you!

Blizzcon 2011 Ticket sales announced! (Also, the official unofficial Blizzcon podcast!)

That’s right, if you aren’t actively following Blizzard (or if any of your friends aren’t) to know when the tickets are going to go on sale, now you know!


On-Sale Dates:

Saturday, May 21 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time
Wednesday, May 25 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time

Price: $175 USD each (limit 4 per household)

What’s Included:

  • One BlizzCon badge that grants access to the convention
  • BlizzCon goody bag containing exclusive swag (contents to be announced)
  • Opportunity to participate in a limited-time, online BlizzCon merchandise sale before the show (details to be announced)
They are also selling tickets to the Charity Dinner this year (which we would LOVE to be able to go to, but with the expenses of costumes this year, it isn’t possible!) for $500 a piece, which of course includes your ticket to Blizzcon. You can read more about that here
Pocket and I are also super excited for Blizzcon, and have started recording awesome podcasts full of us doing nothing but talking about Blizzcon! This isn’t going to be every episode, we’re going to keep them structured for the most part, but there will be some Blizzcon goodness in every episode until Blizzcon (and maybe even some episodes after!) From the Original Pocket Podcast blog: “We have declared ourselves the “Official Un-official Podcast for Blizzcon 2011.” What does this mean? Well basically for the next 6 months we will be your #1 podcast for Blizzcon 2011 fix. That means new segments including Blizzcon…  Discussion Forum updates, Cosplayer Roundups, Group gathering/meet-up announcements, Convention announcement and update news coverage, Blizzcon-related interviews with fans and cosplayers, AND SOOOO MUCH MORE Blizzcon!”
Are we excited about them announcing ticket sales? YES! But are we excited about the price increase that they seem to be throwing on us every year? No…. that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to pay it, though. They’ll probably keep raising the price until there’s a riot, and really, I love Blizzcon enough to pay for it. It just makes it harder for other people who have to also pay for expensive plane tickets, etc, to make it. Sad.
Of  course, that isn’t really the point of this post. Chances are, you already knew about the ticket prices. I just wanted to make this post to say that OF COURSE we’re going to be there! Whether we get tickets or not (though it’s very unlikely that we won’t, we have a pretty good system going on with friends), we will be there, in full costume as usual!

Well, what costumes? Mario will be going as a Deathwing Cultist (pictured above). He has chosen a simpler costume this year in order to be able to help me as my handler, since we absolutely have to have one this year! I will be going as… well, I can’t tell you yet, sadly. I have to make sure that I can pull it off (there are several factors that can get in the way of us finishing it!) but as soon as I can announce it, it will be announced here! 
Yay Blizzcon!

Female Witch Doctor: The making of the mask

The mask really required a lot of planning and ingenuity to keep it light and secure on my head, while being under the wig so that you couldn’t see the strapping. We went with the inside of a construction helmet (the strappy bits) to keep it held on my head, and balsa wood for the mask and details on the mask. It was actually the most time consuming part of the entire costume. Continue reading

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