How to: make the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei

A good friend of mine and Alice’s had asked us to make a staff to go along with her awesome Blood Elf costume. She felt that we could help her with this and the following is a pretty quick tutorial on a pretty simple cosplay prop.

Golden Staff of the Sin’Dorei was the requested prop. I was a little heasitaint at first because she asked to make the gems glow!  Overall the design is pretty simple and I was in luck becouse I had just picked up a new scroll saw at a garage sale for $50 bucks!!! Continue reading


Witch Doctor staff and dagger

The staff and dagger were really some of the easiest (but kind of time consuming) parts of the costume.

Honestly I thought I took more pictures, but again… I either didn’t, or I’ve lost them. Lame. Continue reading