Male Witch Doctor Mask

This mask was easily the toughest part of my male Witch Doctor costume. This was a totally new realm for me, I’d never done leather work before, and since it was made out of a solid piece of leather, with no cuts, it was simply formed over my face to get the proper shape. Continue reading

Female Witch Doctor: The making of the mask

The mask really required a lot of planning and ingenuity to keep it light and secure on my head, while being under the wig so that you couldn’t see the strapping. We went with the inside of a construction helmet (the strappy bits) to keep it held on my head, and balsa wood for the mask and details on the mask. It was actually the most time consuming part of the entire costume. Continue reading

Plaster Mask Tutorial by DracaDiosa (part two!)

(This is the second part to the mask tutorial that I posted a little while ago, by my friend DracaDiosa)

Part 2 – Making the features

I’ll be demonstrating how to make a cat mask in this part of the tutorial. I’m sculpting out my fursona, Jezebel, in an easy to wear mask form instead of making a fursuit. :)

Continue reading