BlizzCon 2014: SO CLOSE!

So… as of today, we leave for BlizzCon in 14 days! We’ll be driving down on Tuesday, stopping halfway, and getting to our hotel on Wednesday. This year we’ll be spending the con with Mario’s mother and brother, and we’re super excited to share the experience with them- especially since they’ll both be cosplaying!

I’ve been preparing for the con by putting up several video tutorials on our YouTube channel, so I wanted to post them all here for you guys, too!

Since we didn’t update here, Mario has set aside Urzael until next year, and will instead be wearing Roller Derby BRova! Here’s a preview of my Zagara- I decided to go with an original 18th century version.


And just for you guys- a makeup test!

2014-09-17 13.50.08

We hope to see you all at BlizzCon! Make sure to say hello if you see us!

Kryolan Body Paint: Swatches for orcs, goblins, and more!

Today Mario and I took a nice trip down to San Francisco to swatch a whole lot of colors for some friends. We had some greens, some blues, some purples and grays… and the people at Kryolan were very nice and didn’t even make faces at us taking forever and taking pictures and not even buying anything. (Not that we didn’t want to buy anything; there wasn’t anything that we actually needed at the time, and honestly we’re budgeting for a costume and a wedding here, so as much as I wanted to spend every dollar I had on all the gorgeous colors of lipstick and body paint, it wasn’t happening.)

We’ll start with the greens. We swatched all the greens they had on display to sample, and they were even awesome enough to bring out a tray of more green aquacolors for us to take a look at. As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger. All of these paints are in the Kryolan aquacolor line.

Without flash: 534, GR42 (available in both a cream that you can pump out, or a cake that’s water activated), 095, GR21, 512 Continue reading

Lady Link (Legend of Zelda) Makeup Tutorial!

Hello! So last year, I made my Halloween costume- female Link! Since I haven’t done many costume tutorials yet, I figured I’d throw this one up really quickly. So first, what I looked like last year:

I didn’t draw the Navi as large this time, and can’t seem to find my hat anywhere, so I’m just wearing the wig. Start with a clean,¬†moisturized¬†face! Continue reading

A bunch of useful Youtube tutorials

I am quite obsessed with Youtube, and I have actually learned everything I know about makeup from the gurus on there. For my makeup tutorials that I want to do, I’m going to try to not do any that have already been covered by people far more talented than I! So, here are several of my favorite (and most useful) costume/cosplay makeup tutorials that are currently out there in Youtube land:

(This is Kandee Johnson, I’m not going to post all of the videos that she made that have to do with costumes, but this is her most recent. Her other ones include Maleficent, Oompa Loompa, Tinkerbell, Poison Ivy, Cleopatra, Barbie, Jessica Rabbit, Edward Scissorhands, Queen of Hearts, Snow White, Na’vi (Avatar), Michael Jackson (I swear it’s spot on.), Captain Jack Sparrow, Jem… Okay, there are a lot more than I thought. Go check out her channel!)

That’s all I’ll link for now, but seriously, check out all of these people’s Youtube channels, and they’re all still uploading tons of videos for Halloween.

Coming up in the next few days, hopefully- a Marie Antionette makeup tutorial.. pretty much just because I got the costume for Halloween (Though I’m not going to be Marie Antionette- I’m going to be Princess Poppycock! And yes, I didn’t make my costume, but I honestly didn’t feel like dealing with an entire new costume as soon as I got back from Blizzcon- which would give me two days, max. No thank you, sir.

Cosplay Makeup tutorials!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I decided I wanted to do some cosplay makeup tutorials on here. Step by step, complete with pictures and a product list (mostly drugstore makeup, so that everyone can afford it, but for the more expensive items I’ll list similar products as well) so that anyone can pull off a perfect face for whatever cosplay they’re doing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ll do one of body painting- though I already have some videos up here– so that I can explain a bit more in depth the steps. I’ll gladly take requests for certain character looks!