Work, work, work.

Yeah, we’ve been absent from our blog. If you aren’t a fan of our Facebook page, then you probably have no clue what we have been up to, but that’s okay. I’ll update you!

We have been…

Building Parn’s armor (and sword with sheath) from Lodoss War.

Making Benni’s staff, from Looking For Group (comic).

Working (slowly) on Alexstrasza’s wig.

Going to an amazing wedding, and

getting ready for our own wedding, as well as

building Elspeth’s sword, from Magic the Gathering (for this lady right here).

Soon we’re off to our honeymoon, then a busy summer getting ready to move to a new state, but we promise that more tutorials are coming, as well as some previews of upcoming personal costumes for San Diego Comic Con!

Also happening today (or in a few hours, as I write this) is Diablo 3, hooray! Mario and I are quite sad that we don’t live in Southern California, or we would be all painted as Witch Doctors and enjoying the festivities. My Witch Doctor is still my favorite costume that we’ve made so far!

Don’t forget to follow our page on Facebook if you want to be kept more in the loop on what we’re doing, since I do tend to like to put up more lengthy posts than “here are some progress photos!” on the blog.

Starcraft Medic Shield Commision

Back in the start of 2011 a friend asked up to help her out with a fan art inspired Terran medic.

I took on the project even though we were knee deep in the Kerrigan build at the time. I have love of prop weapons and accessories making it very hard to turn down the opportunity to make a something as cool as a 4foot shield!! Continue reading

How to: make the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei

A good friend of mine and Alice’s had asked us to make a staff to go along with her awesome Blood Elf costume. She felt that we could help her with this and the following is a pretty quick tutorial on a pretty simple cosplay prop.

Golden Staff of the Sin’Dorei was the requested prop. I was a little heasitaint at first because she asked to make the gems glow!  Overall the design is pretty simple and I was in luck becouse I had just picked up a new scroll saw at a garage sale for $50 bucks!!! Continue reading

How to: Make a helm from fiberglass (Char version)

A good friend of Alice’s asked if we would take on a commission for a rather unique and truly identifiable helmet.

Char Aznable from the Gundam Universe.

Finish product before shipping!!  I am aware that there are a few flaws in the helm that have far more to do with my inexperience, then any thing with my process. The following tutorial will show both how I made this helmet and a few tips to avoid a few mistakes I made along the way. Continue reading