Otaku House Cosplay contest!

I wanted to go ahead and put up a quick post linking our friends who are also entered into the Otaku House cosplay contest on Facebook. In order to vote for them, you’ll need to ‘like’ Otaku House, then ‘like’ their photos, and you can vote for as many as you like. If I left anyone out, or if you’d like me to link you as well, please let me know! Click on their names to go to the picture on Facebook!

Lorraine Torres, Mistress of Pain  Continue reading

Vote for us in the Otaku House cosplay contest!

Cosplay idolAlice Comstock as Witch Doctor from “Diablo 3”
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Cosplay idol

Mario Roy as Tier 8 Priest from “World of Warcraft”
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Simply vote for us by clicking the link, ‘liking’ Otaku House, then ‘liking’ our photos! We’re going to be using these as our signatures for a while, until the contest is over. You can vote for as many photos as you like. Thank you for your support!

Hot Glue Gun Helper- A cosplayers best friend! (oh, and a giveaway!)

Lots and lots of hot glue.

The other day, I was diligently working on the odangos (buns) for a Sailor Moon wig, and it was… painful. The first attempt, the ball was too small, the second attempt I had used entirely too much hot glue, because I had to put some glue in there, wait for it to cool enough to stick my finger in there to hold the hair down,  and then if it wasn’t enough hot glue to hold the hair down, I had to add even more. I started getting frustrated, because my fingers were pretty badly burned (it comes with making costumes, I think) and so I tried to work quicker, which just made it worse. I gave up for the night and went online to try and find some kind of solution to help me either be able to work quicker with the hot glue, or to minimize my burns.

What I found was review after review of Hot Glue Gun Helper– a newish invention by two craft television hosts who were also tired of hot glue burns, and hot glue sticking everywhere it shouldn’t. Continue reading