How to: make gems out of clear resin!

After posting pictures of the gems we made for the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei, we’ve gotten a lot of questions on how to make them. So, instead of putting in this tutorial with how we made the staff, we decided to make it a separate post! Continue reading

We’re around, just busy!

We’ve been meaning to throw some posts up on here for quite a while now, Mario has a series he wants to do on his Witch Doctor, plus one for how to size your weapon in Paint and transfer the image onto foam or wood. We had a guest in for the last two weeks, though, so we had no time to post anything on the blog.

We also have two weapon tutorials coming up, one for the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei, and one for a set of Gladiator’s Shankers.

Mario is working hard to get the staff finished as we speak, since we are heading down to Southern California to drop it off at the end of this week, and then it’s full speed ahead on the daggers, and our Blizzcon costumes, of course.

Right now we are completely full on commissions until September, at the soonest; we have a few commissions that we might take on if we have the time, but they’re in our waiting list (they chose to wait, we didn’t make them!) so we do hope that we can do their costume and weapon as well!

What are you working on right now? Are you going to cosplay at Blizzcon? We hope to see you there!

Otaku House Cosplay contest!

I wanted to go ahead and put up a quick post linking our friends who are also entered into the Otaku House cosplay contest on Facebook. In order to vote for them, you’ll need to ‘like’ Otaku House, then ‘like’ their photos, and you can vote for as many as you like. If I left anyone out, or if you’d like me to link you as well, please let me know! Click on their names to go to the picture on Facebook!

Lorraine Torres, Mistress of Pain  Continue reading

Diablo Podcast (the unofficial Diablo podcast) episode 6!

You all should go and checkout episode 6 of the Diablo podcast, where they talk about Blizzcon, and intereviewed Mario on our Witch Doctor costumes!

(No, his feet aren’t painted, but this was a trial shoot to see how long it would take us to paint ourselves)

Also, yes, Mario is working on several recap posts of his costumes, but he is currently also working on several other commissions, and so he has little time to sit on the computer. I may try and get them written up for him.

How to: Make a helm from fiberglass (Char version)

A good friend of Alice’s asked if we would take on a commission for a rather unique and truly identifiable helmet.

Char Aznable from the Gundam Universe.

Finish product before shipping!!  I am aware that there are a few flaws in the helm that have far more to do with my inexperience, then any thing with my process. The following tutorial will show both how I made this helmet and a few tips to avoid a few mistakes I made along the way. Continue reading