Overwatch – Genji throwing stars

I have been obsessed with the upcoming game Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment for the last few months. It’s fresh, bright, and amazingly well polished for still being in a beta environment.  The game is fun and exciting and manages to be different every round no matter how many hours you sink into it.

So, I wanted to show some appreciation to the amazing team that is building this fantastic game with a project that only cosplayers and prop-makers would think of.  After a quick question to a friend who works on the game I found out that they use cork boards primarily around the office.  (I wanted to make sure these would be useful, after all!) Now, I had seen the cheap version of normal ninja star pins available on Amazon, but I wanted to make these straight from the game.

Thanks to the Overwatch reference kits, I was able to get a perfect image to work from.

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A Note on Translucent Paint (for the LED module)

If you’re considering making a glowing LED module from the tutorial in our book (buy it here for $5) then you’re going to need translucent paint in the color that you want everything to glow. For Dino’s costume, he used a blue paint to make his circles glow blue:


but of course, you can use whatever color you want. We suggest using a spray version of the color, either in airbrush or spray paint form, since you may get brush strokes with brush-on translucent paint.

The best option would be to go to your local hobby or hardware store and pick up one there. We really like Tamaiya paints:

Tamaiya translucent blue is the one above, but Amazon has many colors available. If you have a hobby store like Hobby Town USA around though, definitely go check them out since it’s usually better to look at colors in person.

If you can’t find Tamaiya, any translucent paint that says it’s good on plastics will do! Just make sure not to put it on too thick, you want a nice, even coating.

We’re working on a post that will have links to products (like soldering irons, etc) that we talk about in our book up soon!

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Note: some links in this post lead to Amazon and are affiliate links.



Blizzcon is over for us now, and it was fantastic, mainly because of the community. We had so much fun meeting everyone, and all the cosplayers were phenomenal! I have only one picture of Kerrigan right now and it’s on the Facebook page (posting on my phone, and have no pictures on it) but I will post more when I have them, and more of Mario’s after we get home on Tuesday!

Thank you to everyone who said hello to us! We loved meeting all of you!

We’re around, just busy!

We’ve been meaning to throw some posts up on here for quite a while now, Mario has a series he wants to do on his Witch Doctor, plus one for how to size your weapon in Paint and transfer the image onto foam or wood. We had a guest in for the last two weeks, though, so we had no time to post anything on the blog.

We also have two weapon tutorials coming up, one for the Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei, and one for a set of Gladiator’s Shankers.

Mario is working hard to get the staff finished as we speak, since we are heading down to Southern California to drop it off at the end of this week, and then it’s full speed ahead on the daggers, and our Blizzcon costumes, of course.

Right now we are completely full on commissions until September, at the soonest; we have a few commissions that we might take on if we have the time, but they’re in our waiting list (they chose to wait, we didn’t make them!) so we do hope that we can do their costume and weapon as well!

What are you working on right now? Are you going to cosplay at Blizzcon? We hope to see you there!