Kryolan Body Paint: Swatches for orcs, goblins, and more!

Today Mario and I took a nice trip down to San Francisco to swatch a whole lot of colors for some friends. We had some greens, some blues, some purples and grays… and the people at Kryolan were very nice and didn’t even make faces at us taking forever and taking pictures and not even buying anything. (Not that we didn’t want to buy anything; there wasn’t anything that we actually needed at the time, and honestly we’re budgeting for a costume and a wedding here, so as much as I wanted to spend every dollar I had on all the gorgeous colors of lipstick and body paint, it wasn’t happening.)

We’ll start with the greens. We swatched all the greens they had on display to sample, and they were even awesome enough to bring out a tray of more green aquacolors for us to take a look at. As always, you can click on the photos to make them larger. All of these paints are in the Kryolan aquacolor line.

Without flash: 534, GR42 (available in both a cream that you can pump out, or a cake that’s water activated), 095, GR21, 512

With flash.

Without flash: 523, 043, 102 and 103 (looks like you have to call them to order), 042, 502, 607 (also only available by calling and ordering), 534

With flash.

Without flash: FF7, TK, 730SP (call to order), Liberty (call to order), 092, GR31 (call to order), 096, GR37, 093 (call to order).

With flash.

Without flash: 2231B (call to order), 517, 088, 32A, SF2

With flash.

Hopefully one of these colors was one you were looking for, but if not, check out Kryolan’s catalog, they have every color available in there, and then you can call and order. I do highly suggest trying to find swatches of a color that you’re going to buy online first; the colors online and even in person in the cake look different than what they would applied. Last year Mario and I did have to order our paint from the catalog, because we couldn’t find two of them online at all, but just because you can’t find it online doesn’t mean it’s not available, don’t be shy to call them and order what you need!

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