Cosplay Do’s and Don’ts: Molds

Well, here we are with our first cosplay do’s and don’ts. I wanted to make a series of this, so you will definitely see more posts like this one popping up as we learn what not to do when working on cosplay!

Mario and I were working on an Arcanite Reaper, when we came across the problem of how to make the skull. Since it is on both sides of the axe, we wanted to make sure that both skulls were as close as possible to each other. We decided the best way to do this was to carve a skull out of clay, then make a negative mold of it, so we could easily duplicate the skull. Continue reading

Arcanite Reapers and you. Part 1

From Dec 21 – Jan 21 ran a WOW weapon smithing contest.  I knew I had to enter, but couldn’t decide on which fantastic weapon to make.

At first I wanted to go big, Zin’Rokh

Alice kind of toned me down so I scaled back to Kalimdor’s Revenge

But alas even this was a bit to grand of a project for a limited budget after a great Christmas. A good friend Jenny who runs wanted to make an Arcanite Reaper for an upcoming costume.  I asked if i could make it for her as both a free commission and an entry in to the weapon smithing contest. Continue reading

Review: Damsel in this Dress corsets

Recently, I purchased my second corset from Damsel in this Dress on Etsy. Now, I have to say, I am nuts for Etsy, browse it every day, and if you don’t already know about this site, then go ahead and head over there. There is literally everything you could want on there, hand made by awesome, crafty people, and chances are if there’s not something you need, you can find someone on there to make it for you.

Now, I had bought a corset from the shop owner, Michelle, before. I bought it specifically for an Alice in Wonderland inspired look for the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

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Upcoming tutorials!

I know we’ve been really quiet lately, but we took a nice break after Blizzcon (after constantly crafting for months and months) for the holidays, and while it was wonderful, we’re itching to get back to crafting. So, here are a few tutorials we plan on making soon (within the next few months)

How to:

Make a weapon from WoW (likely a sword, dagger or ax)

Fully dye a wig (I just did wefts before)

Make a simple lady Link (or regular Link) costume

Make your own prosthetics

Apply prosthetics


That might be it for now, we have one costume that’s under secret construction (usually I hate when cosplayers do that, but since we aren’t 100% that we can pull this costume off, and since we hate when someone says they’re going to do something then never does, we’re going to wait to announce who/what the costume is (it’s for Blizzcon), so expect to see pictures/info closer to the date, whenever that’s going to be).

If you’re a cosplayer and you’re interested in putting a tutorial up on our blog, feel free to email us at with your information, and what type of tutorial you’d like to do :) We’ll put anything up, as long as it’s well written, and has good information.

Plaster Mask Tutorial by DracaDiosa (part two!)

(This is the second part to the mask tutorial that I posted a little while ago, by my friend DracaDiosa)

Part 2 – Making the features

I’ll be demonstrating how to make a cat mask in this part of the tutorial. I’m sculpting out my fursona, Jezebel, in an easy to wear mask form instead of making a fursuit. :)

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