A bunch of useful Youtube tutorials

I am quite obsessed with Youtube, and I have actually learned everything I know about makeup from the gurus on there. For my makeup tutorials that I want to do, I’m going to try to not do any that have already been covered by people far more talented than I! So, here are several of my favorite (and most useful) costume/cosplay makeup tutorials that are currently out there in Youtube land:

(This is Kandee Johnson, I’m not going to post all of the videos that she made that have to do with costumes, but this is her most recent. Her other ones include Maleficent, Oompa Loompa, Tinkerbell, Poison Ivy, Cleopatra, Barbie, Jessica Rabbit, Edward Scissorhands, Queen of Hearts, Snow White, Na’vi (Avatar), Michael Jackson (I swear it’s spot on.), Captain Jack Sparrow, Jem… Okay, there are a lot more than I thought. Go check out her channel!)

That’s all I’ll link for now, but seriously, check out all of these people’s Youtube channels, and they’re all still uploading tons of videos for Halloween.

Coming up in the next few days, hopefully- a Marie Antionette makeup tutorial.. pretty much just because I got the costume for Halloween (Though I’m not going to be Marie Antionette- I’m going to be Princess Poppycock! And yes, I didn’t make my costume, but I honestly didn’t feel like dealing with an entire new costume as soon as I got back from Blizzcon- which would give me two days, max. No thank you, sir.

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