Triple A Cosplay Podcast: Episode One- Cosplay Controversy

We finally found the time to put together a podcast for you all! We hope you enjoy it!

Podcast Episode One

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Links from the podcast:

First Keeper’s cosplay page

Earlybird Costumes commissions

Gencon Cosplay Abuse article

Kamui’s cosplay page

Conventions mentioned: PAX, SacAnime, Kumoricon, DragonCon, Sabotencon, Mechacon, Tracon.

You can find Worbla’s finest art here!

Music by NoppZ (at OverClocked ReMix)

Guest post: What to Consider When Choosing a Costume for a Long Parade

(The following article is a guest post! We thought it would be useful to anyone who wants to wear a costume in a parade, especially since some of the larger conventions have costume parades that people can participate in!)

They say everybody loves a parade, but you can quickly become the exception that proves the rule if you choose to march in a costume that is uncomfortable or inappropriate for the weather. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make marching in even the longest parades a pleasant, memorable experience. While your local search might provide you with limited options, with enough planning you can build your own costume or special order pieces to open up a whole new world of possibilities. Before selecting your costume, decide to be a savvy participants and make sure you considered these top four questions for choosing the best costumes for long parades:

Does the Costume Accommodate Comfortable Footwear?

Whether you are marching or walking, taking part in a long parade can be demanding on your feet and ankles. Hard, asphalt surfaces and uneven pavement can quickly start you down the path to a night full of aches and pains. Keep this problem at bay by selecting a costume that accommodates comfortable footwear. Avoid high heels at all costs, and if you can, line your shoes with soft, comfortable gel inserts.

Is It Appropriate for the Weather?

In most locations, a skimpy costume made from wispy fabrics will be a poor choice for a parade scheduled for a brisk December afternoon. Similarly, in the summer, a full-body sports team mascot outfit with a fully enclosed mask could lead to heat exhaustion or worse. Fortunately, during hot weather you can often keep yourself cool—even in the bulkiest outfits—by choosing a costume that includes an internal fan. You can do plenty of research online, include searching sites like Halloween costumes for inspiration and planning. Beyond your costume, make sure that you wear appropriate clothing underneath.

Is It Made of Breathable Fabrics?

Even in cold weather, you can quickly work up a sweat as you proceed down a parade route. In the summer months, getting hot in a costume is a given. Wearing breathable fabrics will help keep your temperature regulated as well as keep you comfortable and free from chafing. Both your costume and the clothing you wear underneath it should breathe easily. While a detailed latex mask or accessories might be tempting, remember that they will hold in moisture which could make you miserable.

Does It Pass the Run Test?

Complicated, spectacularly adorned costumes can be a real temptation when you want to make an impact on parade viewers. Unfortunately, if they are not put together carefully, they can easily make walking uncomfortably or cause you to look like a disaster. Imagine trailing your accessories along or having a critical piece of your outfit fall off en route. To avoid this, try using the “Run Test.” Put on your costume and move or run vigorously for a minute or two. Anything that comes loose or falls off needs to be removed from your costume and reattached securely. A successful run test can keep you comfortable and looking as good at the end of the route as you did at the start of the parade.

Marching in costume in a parade should be a fun, memorable experience. Choosing the wrong outfit can make that an unlikely outcome. When deciding what to wear, apply a healthy dose of common sense. With a little searching, you can find any number of costumes that will “wow” the crowd and without making you miserable.

Blizzcon 2011 Recap

Well now that we’re home and comfy at our desks (OMG! I can sit at the computer now for as long as I want with NOTHING TO WORK ON! It’s an amazing feeling, really), I figured I could tell you how our Blizzcon went.

This post is going to have nothing to do with announcements or tournaments, because honestly, I didn’t really get to see or hear any annoucements or panels first hand, just heard about them from friends.

Firstly, I have to say that the cosplay dinner that we (along with Pocket) threw the night before Blizzcon was a huge success. We are so grateful to everyone who came out to the dinner, and we were so happy to finally meet all the cosplayers we’ve been following, face to face!

Photo by Tony Hsu

Also, earlier that day Mario and I participated in a G4 photo shoot for the burlesque group that our amazing friend Lisa put together, it was really amazing to meet the ladies behind the group and hang out with them while we got pictures taken.

Photo by G4

The first day of Blizzcon, we helped get everyone in our room ready- our original plan was to help everyone get ready, relax for the morning, walk around the con until 11 or so, then head back to the hotel and get into Kerrigan, getting us back to the con in time for the cosplay photoshoot at 3. Mario wore his doomsayer costume and I wore a quickly put together ‘apprentice’ doomsayer one so I could hold a sign and be somewhat in costume, and we stood in the Jinx line and then went straight to the hotel. It took us 4.5 hours to get ready, were set back a few minutes by losing an eyebrow stencil and messing around with the makeup too long, and didn’t make it back in time for the photo shoot at the fountain, unfortunately.  Continue reading

Blizzcon Kerrigan Debut

So, even though I have decided that I will not put on Kerrigan until later in the day for the first day of Blizzcon, I am still showing these pictures the morning of! These were taken for the photoshoot, and later in the day I will try and post pictures of the updated version of the costume. We fixed the way the dreads lay, the forehead isn’t quite so high, the paint on the face is closer to what Kerrigan has, and the neck and ankles aren’t quite so loose. Enjoy!

If you are at Blizzcon today, please look for me by the fountain around 3:00 or 3:30 at the cosplayer’s photoshoot!

In case you were wondering… my (Alice’s) Blizzcon costume!

That’s right, people, I am going to be attending Blizzcon 2011 as Kerrigan, Queen of Blades! The costume is based on most of her more recent pictures; the wings will be similar in shape to the picture below, and thanks to Steve Wang uploading a ton of pictures of the making of the statue of her he did for Blizzard, I have an entire binder full of reference photos!

I’ll be putting up a guide on how we’re making this, for sure, but not until after the costume is completely finished- I want to make sure the whole thing is complete before I start writing up tutorials for it.

This is the current state of her! I was going to wait until both sides were fiberglassed and apart, but darn it, I’m too excited, and I wanted to announce it while everyone was still awake, since we’re not going to be done with glassing until late tonight!

Some sculpture pictures!

In case people are wondering, we’re planning on doing this as a full body suit, cast in foam latex. We’ve been planning this since January and working on it since February. At this time, we’ve put 180 hours into it, and plan on working on it a whole lot more.

I’m so excited for Blizzcon this year! I can’t wait to see everyone there!

Why I haven’t announced my Blizzcon costume yet

It seems there are more and more people each year who keep quiet about their cosplay costumes for Blizzcon and other conventions. I never did before; I was never shy to let people know what I was doing as far as costumes go. However, you may have noticed that this year, I haven’t said a word about what I’m doing for my Blizzcon costume.

Some people don’t announce their costume because they don’t want it to get ‘stolen’. Well, honestly, unless that costume is something of your own creation, I don’t see the reasoning in that. If it’s a tier set or a plain old NPC in game, even a boss, if people have seen it, they’ve thought about cosplaying it. I have no problems with people cosplaying the same thing as me. Why?

I’m confident in my abilities as a cosplayer. Mario and I strive to make everything we do as accurate as possible, we take our time, we do months of research on new techniques. I wouldn’t have cared if there were six other Witch Doctors last year at Blizzcon (there weren’t, but it was a crazy costume to attempt anyway), because none of them would have looked exactly like mine. People would have done the mask differently, the hair differently, everything would have their style, their techniques.

You can try to ‘claim’ a costume- I’ve seen it happen a few times over the years- but that gets you nothing but rage when someone still cosplays the same thing. There’s no reason to think that everyone in the cosplay community knows who you are, or that people will even care enough to not cosplay whatever it is you’re doing. It’s better to just be confident in what you’re doing, be confident that everyone has different styles and ways of making costumes.

I haven’t announced what I’m doing yet because we’re working with a ton of new techniques. None of the techniques we’re using for this costume is anything we’ve ever done before, and there is still a lot that could go wrong.

Granted, our new motto is ‘if it’s not broken into a million pieces or on fire, it can still be finished’, but there’s one step in our costume making that, if we screw it up, we’re back to square… two. Not all the way back at the beginning, but we’ll have lost lots of work, and honestly, at that point, I’m not sure if it can be saved.

So. Instead of saying ‘when we get so many likes on our Facebook page, we’ll announce what I’m doing’, I’m saying ‘when I get to that point in my costume that I know we can pull it off, I’ll announce what I’m doing’.

Male and Female Witch Doctor body paint (also, a guide on body painting!)

This is my last post on my series of how I made the female Witch Doctor Costume, and Mario is working on writing up his posts now so you should see them soon.

To find the perfect shades for our body paint, we went to San Francisco (which is just over an hour away) and, of course with our trusty iPhones out with the pictures loaded up, compared swatch after swatch of paint to what was in the picture. Mario’s turned out to be a mix of two grays: 501 and FF7. Mine was a red/brown called 046. It was easier to order these by calling Kryolan, because I couldn’t find one of the shades anywhere online. If you don’t have a store around you that allows you to swatch the colors for your body paint, then make sure to look online for pictures and videos of swatches that others have done, to see how the shade looks on different skin types, and how it photographs.  Continue reading

Blizzcon 2011 Ticket sales announced! (Also, the official unofficial Blizzcon podcast!)

That’s right, if you aren’t actively following Blizzard (or if any of your friends aren’t) to know when the tickets are going to go on sale, now you know!


On-Sale Dates:

Saturday, May 21 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time
Wednesday, May 25 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time

Price: $175 USD each (limit 4 per household)

What’s Included:

  • One BlizzCon badge that grants access to the convention
  • BlizzCon goody bag containing exclusive swag (contents to be announced)
  • Opportunity to participate in a limited-time, online BlizzCon merchandise sale before the show (details to be announced)
They are also selling tickets to the Charity Dinner this year (which we would LOVE to be able to go to, but with the expenses of costumes this year, it isn’t possible!) for $500 a piece, which of course includes your ticket to Blizzcon. You can read more about that here
Pocket and I are also super excited for Blizzcon, and have started recording awesome podcasts full of us doing nothing but talking about Blizzcon! This isn’t going to be every episode, we’re going to keep them structured for the most part, but there will be some Blizzcon goodness in every episode until Blizzcon (and maybe even some episodes after!) From the Original Pocket Podcast blog: “We have declared ourselves the “Official Un-official Podcast for Blizzcon 2011.” What does this mean? Well basically for the next 6 months we will be your #1 podcast for Blizzcon 2011 fix. That means new segments including Blizzcon…  Discussion Forum updates, Cosplayer Roundups, Group gathering/meet-up announcements, Convention announcement and update news coverage, Blizzcon-related interviews with fans and cosplayers, AND SOOOO MUCH MORE Blizzcon!”
Are we excited about them announcing ticket sales? YES! But are we excited about the price increase that they seem to be throwing on us every year? No…. that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to pay it, though. They’ll probably keep raising the price until there’s a riot, and really, I love Blizzcon enough to pay for it. It just makes it harder for other people who have to also pay for expensive plane tickets, etc, to make it. Sad.
Of  course, that isn’t really the point of this post. Chances are, you already knew about the ticket prices. I just wanted to make this post to say that OF COURSE we’re going to be there! Whether we get tickets or not (though it’s very unlikely that we won’t, we have a pretty good system going on with friends), we will be there, in full costume as usual!

Well, what costumes? Mario will be going as a Deathwing Cultist (pictured above). He has chosen a simpler costume this year in order to be able to help me as my handler, since we absolutely have to have one this year! I will be going as… well, I can’t tell you yet, sadly. I have to make sure that I can pull it off (there are several factors that can get in the way of us finishing it!) but as soon as I can announce it, it will be announced here! 
Yay Blizzcon!

Witch Doctor collar and other things that go around the neck!

This post will cover the Witch Doctor’s neck rings, leather collar thing (is there a name for that? I dunno.), and necklaces. (Also, the picture above has a different mask than the one I made, I just used it because it has a close up on the necklaces.) Continue reading

Axe Cop cosplay commission

A friend of ours wanted to rock an “Axe Cop” cosplay to Wondercon 2011 here in San Francisco. Although he is new to cosplay he does have a good eye for costume creation.

The one thing he lacked was a garage and some pink foam to make an axe, after all an Axe Cop with no axe is just a…… cop?

Ok, on to the crafting. If you have read a few of my other tutorials you know I love this stuff (pink foam, of course!). Because we only had a comic book to work off, I free handed one side of the axe blade and used a stencil to reverse it to the other side to ensure an even look.

Continue reading