Triple A Cosplay Podcast: Episode One- Cosplay Controversy

We finally found the time to put together a podcast for you all! We hope you enjoy it!

Podcast Episode One

Click on the link, and listen away!

We are now on iTunes, as well!

Links from the podcast:

First Keeper’s cosplay page

Earlybird Costumes commissions

Gencon Cosplay Abuse article

Kamui’s cosplay page

Conventions mentioned: PAX, SacAnime, Kumoricon, DragonCon, Sabotencon, Mechacon, Tracon.

You can find Worbla’s finest art here!

Music by NoppZ (at OverClocked ReMix)

3 thoughts on “Triple A Cosplay Podcast: Episode One- Cosplay Controversy

  1. Love your stuff (tutorials especially) and glad you have a podcast now. Just a word of advice– the most successful podcasts have the subject of that particular episode in the title of the ep, and the description on the blog or website usually mentions what topics are covered. That way a person looking at your podcast knows if that ep has information they are interested in.

    • Thanks! We were going to title it but honestly, couldn’t think of one. We plan on making them all about cosplay, but we should probably think more on talking about a specific topic each time. Thanks a ton for the advice, we really appreciate it!

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