Blizzcon Kerrigan Debut

So, even though I have decided that I will not put on Kerrigan until later in the day for the first day of Blizzcon, I am still showing these pictures the morning of! These were taken for the photoshoot, and later in the day I will try and post pictures of the updated version of the costume. We fixed the way the dreads lay, the forehead isn’t quite so high, the paint on the face is closer to what Kerrigan has, and the neck and ankles aren’t quite so loose. Enjoy!

If you are at Blizzcon today, please look for me by the fountain around 3:00 or 3:30 at the cosplayer’s photoshoot!

3 thoughts on “Blizzcon Kerrigan Debut

  1. I saw you late in the day in your costume. It’s funny you decided not to arrive in costume, I was actually wondering why I hadn’t seen this epic costume yet.
    I finally saw you after the costume contest, you were walking out. It looked good. Was it comfortable?

    • Thanks! It took me four hours to put it on, original plan was to be there at 3 for the photoshoot but it took much longer than we anticipated to get everything on. The costume was extremely uncomfortable, that’s why I was rushing out, I had wanted to stick around longer but I needed to take it off.

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