In case you were wondering… my (Alice’s) Blizzcon costume!

That’s right, people, I am going to be attending Blizzcon 2011 as Kerrigan, Queen of Blades! The costume is based on most of her more recent pictures; the wings will be similar in shape to the picture below, and thanks to Steve Wang uploading a ton of pictures of the making of the statue of her he did for Blizzard, I have an entire binder full of reference photos!

I’ll be putting up a guide on how we’re making this, for sure, but not until after the costume is completely finished- I want to make sure the whole thing is complete before I start writing up tutorials for it.

This is the current state of her! I was going to wait until both sides were fiberglassed and apart, but darn it, I’m too excited, and I wanted to announce it while everyone was still awake, since we’re not going to be done with glassing until late tonight!

Some sculpture pictures!

In case people are wondering, we’re planning on doing this as a full body suit, cast in foam latex. We’ve been planning this since January and working on it since February. At this time, we’ve put 180 hours into it, and plan on working on it a whole lot more.

I’m so excited for Blizzcon this year! I can’t wait to see everyone there!

7 thoughts on “In case you were wondering… my (Alice’s) Blizzcon costume!

  1. She looks fantastic so far!!! Kerrigan was one of the first cosplays I wanted to do (my desire to cosplay Rinoa since age 8, aside), but money restrictions have prevented it. I’m so excited to get to see her properly come alive through two of my favorite cosplayers. :D

    I’ll definitely be stalking the crap out of this project.

  2. Wow, it is looking great so far ! Also one thing I want to make sure is , it does breathe right? I don’t know much about latex and all of the stuff you guys are talking about.

    I can’t wait to see more progression pictures. =)

  3. I had a feeling this is what you guys were hiding! Looks fantastic so far, I can’t wait to see this at blizzcon! :D

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