Sizing your Cosplay props

Achieving that perfect look for props can be very tough. But even if all the details are in place, should the item be too small it will still look wrong.

Proper prop size is key to any successful cosplay. From a set of swords, Keyblades, armor, or outlandish props like full wings or even oversize vegetables and signs.

I start with a good reference photo of the image. In this case I am working on set of World of Warcraft daggers for a commission. This technique will work for any costume or prop assuming the character in question is vaguely human in size and proportions.

I did basic human anatomy and used the waist as a half way in total height. The weapons are for a female cosplayer but WoW has some gender issue and sizes the weapons very strangely depending on who holds them. I feel that the male human is as close to “real life” as you can get, so that’s the template I use.

Here is the same process repeated for a very well known character
Link from the “Legend of Zelda” seriesAfter I got done with this sizing chart, I decided to reference the real items that are for sale and I found that I was within an inch on both the sword and shield.

Hylian Shield
Master Sword

I hope this helps all you cosplayers out there. A little research and time spent pouring over reference pictures will go along way in creating that perfect cosplay.

Good Crafting
Mario “Ryithos”

One thought on “Sizing your Cosplay props

  1. Thanks for this, it’s a pretty useful tutorial! Just one thing: Link is actually 5’4″. He’s pretty flipping short. Totally going to use this info for my own Master Sword though (Buster Sword too!).

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