Queen of Blades update: July 12


This weekend, Mario and I attached some steel rods for support so the fiberglass mold won’t warp (we’re likely adding on more later on) and unmolded Kerrigan. We started by first drilling holes around the mold for bolts to go in to, then inserted the bolts and secured them with wing nuts. Then Mario used a vibratory saw to clean up the edges so the edge of the mold would be cleaner, and finally we found a seam and started to gently pry open the mold by inserting a screwdriver, and then inserting popsicle sticks all the way around.

She was fiberglassed on to the board so we had to cut her off. The mold wasn’t damaged at all from this.

More on how we fully got the mold apart later, but here are some more pictures!

I was going to do a weekly Kerrigan update, but then I realized that we’re so busy, some weeks go by that we only get a tiny bit of progress done, barely anything that’s worth mentioning on the blog, so I’ll update whenever I have more than one thing to show you guys.
Happy crafting!



5 thoughts on “Queen of Blades update: July 12

  1. It’s terrifying to think that it could warp on you D: All that work to have it warp just too slightly to fit right. But at least you guys did the research to know to prevent something like that!

  2. Something is better than nothing. Also it looks like it was snowing in the first two pictures. I know it wasn’t but it sort of looks like that.

    It looks like it is coming along very nicely. =)

  3. Hey did you guys just fiberglass on top of the clay first. I’m working on a similar project and need to know. I usually just plaster wrap it but it comes out to heavy.

    • Nope, we did gel coat on top of the clay to get all of the details and then did the fiberglass. If there aren’t a ton of details then you can do fiberglass straight on top, but you’ll want to seal your clay with several layers of Krylon Crystal Clear or the fiberglass will react badly with the clay.

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