Upcoming tutorials!

I know we’ve been really quiet lately, but we took a nice break after Blizzcon (after constantly crafting for months and months) for the holidays, and while it was wonderful, we’re itching to get back to crafting. So, here are a few tutorials we plan on making soon (within the next few months)

How to:

Make a weapon from WoW (likely a sword, dagger or ax)

Fully dye a wig (I just did wefts before)

Make a simple lady Link (or regular Link) costume

Make your own prosthetics

Apply prosthetics


That might be it for now, we have one costume that’s under secret construction (usually I hate when cosplayers do that, but since we aren’t 100% that we can pull this costume off, and since we hate when someone says they’re going to do something then never does, we’re going to wait to announce who/what the costume is (it’s for Blizzcon), so expect to see pictures/info closer to the date, whenever that’s going to be).

If you’re a cosplayer and you’re interested in putting a tutorial up on our blog, feel free to email us at tripleacosplay@gmail.com with your information, and what type of tutorial you’d like to do :) We’ll put anything up, as long as it’s well written, and has good information.

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