Plaster Mask Tutorial by DracaDiosa (part two!)

(This is the second part to the mask tutorial that I posted a little while ago, by my friend DracaDiosa)

Part 2 – Making the features

I’ll be demonstrating how to make a cat mask in this part of the tutorial. I’m sculpting out my fursona, Jezebel, in an easy to wear mask form instead of making a fursuit. :)

Supplies needed:





Drillbit (drill is optional, you can make the holes with just the drillbit)

1/4″ elastic

Paint and other goodies to decorate with

Now that your mask has finished drying it’s time to start shaping and sculpting. I like to begin by taking a pencil and marking the sections that I’m going to cut off and parts where I want to add features just to give me a reference point.

Take some good sharp scissors and carefully cut away the parts that your mask will not need. If you end up breaking some of the plaster gauze no fears it can be fixed later.

Hold the mask up to your face to make sure that the sides are even and you have it trimmed like you want.

Now grab your paperclay and begin shaping and sculpting. (My clay was already opened from a different project and was dried out. If you soak it in water it becomes soft and usable again.)

I like to begin by making the nose first. Look at cat pictures and other resources for this part. (or what ever animal you are choosing to do)

Build up your features and try to smooth out the clay as much as you can. Don’t worry if it’s still bumpy once you’re done because you can sand this stuff!

Wait for the clay to dry and turn white. Once it’s dry sand it down if you need to and then you can begin painting. This is where you can be creative! I’m adding some fur around the eyes because I’ll be adding a wig to this mask and ears later. (Lots of ear tutorials already out there on the web!)

Once your paint is try take a drill bit and drill holes in the mask where you want to attach your elastic band. (You just need a drill bit. Use your hands and make the holes. The paperclay and plaster are very soft materials.) Remember make the elastic a little tight on your head so the mask is held firmly in place. I used a 1/4″ elastic I had in my sewing box. It’s the perfect size (in my opinion) to use for this type project.

Try it all on, add a wig if you want, and there ya go. A completed plaster mask!

*this isn’t the wig I’m actually using for this project, it’s my old Rei Ayanami wig from a cosplay several years ago. lol Just added it in for an example. :)

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