Review: Damsel in this Dress corsets

Recently, I purchased my second corset from Damsel in this Dress on Etsy. Now, I have to say, I am nuts for Etsy, browse it every day, and if you don’t already know about this site, then go ahead and head over there. There is literally everything you could want on there, hand made by awesome, crafty people, and chances are if there’s not something you need, you can find someone on there to make it for you.

Now, I had bought a corset from the shop owner, Michelle, before. I bought it specifically for an Alice in Wonderland inspired look for the release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

It was on sale for a really reasonable price for a corset, and I received it rather quickly, within the week. Now, as someone who has lots of corsets anyway, I wasn’t expecting amazing quality for the price (around $50) but when I opened the package, immediately I was blown away. These corsets are made of very sturdy material, good boning, it fits BEAUTIFULLY, and it gives you such a perfect shape! If you’re a lady and you’ve owned cheap corsets, you know that when you wear them and you sit down or bend over, the corset boning just bends, and then stays that way, right? Well, that is not even possible with these corsets, they fit you right, and stay looking awesome all day. Gosh, I just love this lady.

I wore it again for Umloud 2010 in San Francisco!

Well, for my upcoming Blizzcon cosplay, I decided I needed a corset for it, and of course turned right to Michelle. She responded quickly to my messages, was patient with me when I changed my mind about design/added things on several times, and even with the custom order, within two weeks of payment I got my corset in the mail! It fits perfectly and had all the things I needed added on. On top of that, it barely even cost more than the first corset I bought from her!

I cannot say enough how amazing Damsel in this Dress is. If you are needing a corset for a costume, renaissance fair, or even just to have a corset, you need to check out her shop. If she doesn’t have what you need, don’t hesitate to message her for a custom order!

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