Tyrigosa wig styling tutorial

Just yesterday I finally finished my Tyrigosa wig. Woo! So I thought I’d show you how I made it!

This is the lady I’m cosplaying, so her hair is what I’m going for:

I decided not to make the pigtails so much longer than the hair itself, I may cut the back of the wig so that it’s a little shorter than the pigtails but over all I’m pretty happy with the length I’ve got.

I started out with a base wig: Ferrari in ash blond from Arda-Wigs. I dyed it purple using the FW ink method, and ended up with this:

Gorgeous color, no? Well, once I washed it out a few more times with wig shampoo, and brushed it out a ton, it wasn’t quite as curly, and a little less of a vibrant purple. Not that big of a problem, that’s kind of what I was going for.

I put on the base wig with my ears so that I could put clips where the balls needed to sit on the wig.

Next I acquired another ash blond wig in Ferrari from Arda-Wigs, and cut it up and dyed it as well, so that the color would be consistent.

For the balls in Tyri’s hair, I got plastic ornaments from Michaels, cut a small hole in the top and bottom, and had Mario use his airbrush to coat the inside with airbrush paint that would be slightly transparent when dry. We put on a few coats so that it wouldn’t be too transparent.

I measured the holes in the balls and cut circles out of foam to make the gold trim.

I painted them gold, and attached them to the balls, then set them on top of curlers so that the gold trim would dry curved to the shape of the ball.

Then I got to work on the braids for Tyri’s hair. I already added almost all of the extra wefts to the hair, enough on each side to make the ponytails and some in the back to cover up wefts that were showing through. I cut up an extra weft into small, 1 inch sections, then split the sections so they were in two even piles. I then sewed each of the sections together, so that they were each one full weft.

Then I pinned the wefts to the wig head, and braided them as far down as I could.

Then I had two braids for the braided headband! Then I sewed each of the braids to each side of the head, like so:

But I actually put the weft underneath the existing weft on the wig, and sewed it on that way- so that there wouldn’t be that big bump there.

I sectioned off the side ponytails, and braided them so that I could more easily fit the balls onto the hair, then stuck a bunch of white tissue paper into the ball to help it stay more securely onto the ponytail.

I grabbed some got2b blasting freeze spray, sectioned out the hair in the side ponytails into several even sections, and generously sprayed each section with the hair spray before wrapping them in some medium size rollers (all going the same way, we want to end up with one big curl) and letting them dry for at least half an hour.

After I took the curlers out, the curls were kind of funky and crispy, so I softened them with my hand and worked them into one single curl.

I then needed to add the gold bands that are in her hair. I started by putting in small rubber bands to hold the place and make it look right, then grabbed some Strappy Strips (I had a ton laying around from buying a large pack for my Witchdoctor cosplay; I couldn’t get my sandals to stay up any other way) and some gold paint. I only needed 4 of the strips, so I laid them down and painted them a gold that matched the gold on the balls.

I put two around the top ponytail and one one each of the side ponytails, after cutting them a bit short so that they wouldn’t overlap. I was so pleased, because they stick on so well and have the right look for the bands!

And there we go: a pretty decent Tyrigosa wig!

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