Queen of Blades Update: August 23

This has been a busy week for us. We never get as much done as I want to in a week, but something always happens to take up our time (Mario had duty, so he had to work on a Saturday), and I also tend to give us way too many things to get done in a week… but we’re still right on schedule.

The oven is finished, dimensions are 5 foot wide by 4 foot tall and 4 foot deep. That’s exactly enough to fit the body suit in there.

We also cleaned out the body molds (finally…) and dried them really well. I still need to get a tiny bit of clay out of one of the glove molds, but that shouldn’t take long at all.

Here’s the body core that will go inside the body molds… not exactly my size, it’s a bit larger, but we’ll be seaming and cutting down the body suit once we get it baked, and it will fit me perfectly.

We molded the hands for the gloves, we needed to do this because if we used the stone molds as they are, the gloves would have ripped from us trying to get them off of them, and the fingers would have broken off. We’re recasting in resin and will be making the thumb and last two fingers detachable to keep from ruining the gloves.

Please excuse the messy table, Mario was still working on painting a commission when I took this picture. The dreads are all sculpted, we have not had time to mold them yet, but I hope to soon.

Speaking of dreads, this is what the dreads will be attached to. This is a cowl that will be glued onto my face, and will support the weight of the dreads. I’m pretty proud of those ears; they were giving me issues before but I conquered them :)

We also got a ton of stuff in for baking the foam latex, but haven’t taken a picture of it all yet, so you guys can see it next week.

The plan for this next week is to start baking some molds! We’re drying them out right now in the oven, and Thursday or Friday we will be practicing with foam latex, to get the feel of it, then Saturday we’re having a bunch of people over to help us mold the big one- the body suit! I’m so excited to finally be able to put it on!

5 thoughts on “Queen of Blades Update: August 23

  1. Wow, I’m hugely impressed by the quality of work and sculpt going into this costume! Really looking forward to the first produce from the molds and see how you go about painting them.

    A friend has been helping me choose the perfect costume to do as a personal project (I’ve only been able to do commissions recently) and Kerrigan from this exact reference came up, going about it in much the same way as yourselves … then a day later he pointed me to your blog, and waah waah, you guys are too good. xD
    I was planning on doing it early/midway next year, but would only end up getting compared to something of this quality, so going back to the drawing board, haha! (I’m thinking Carnifex)

    Love this piece =D

    • Wow, thank you!

      Don’t feel like you shouldn’t do a costume just because we’re doing it! Just do it the best that you can, and we’ll be posting tutorials later on, anyway :) but if you thought she was the perfect costume, then you should definitely still do her!

      • Heh,
        Nah, it’s just a shame, I thought I was being so original! Maybe I’ll see if I can at least match your level of work when you’re done, and possibly pick up some tips on how to do my version.
        In the mean time I think I’ll go with another of my ideas, a Carnifex, hehe.
        Though, you have inspired me to get my own website/blog up and running that I have been meaning to do for an utter age..
        Can’t wait to see some more your work.

  2. Heh, thanks.
    I haven’t done Cosplay or costumes from actual references for a long while actually, mostly do commissions for LARP armour and props atm. Been ages since I’ve been able to make costumes for myself. xD
    Though, am wanting to get back into costuming for events and general geekery!

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