Sailor Moon Wig Tutorial: part three

Here we are, finally with the last part of this super long wig tutorial! Yay! (Here’s part one and two if you haven’t read those yet.)

(The wig was on slightly sideways, so you can't see the other bun! D:)

Now that our buns are on the wig, it’s starting to really look like a sailor moon wig!

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Sailor Moon Wig tutorial, part one

About a month ago I was given the awesome opportunity to make a Sailor Moon wig as a commission for a friend of a friend. I’ve always wanted to make a Sailor Moon wig; I’d have made one for myself by now if I had enough money to take it to another convention (as it stands, we only really have the money to either go to several small conventions, or go all out at one large one, and we really, really like Blizzcon!) just because I think it’s an awesome wig to make.

(The picture is of the wig nearly finished, the bangs need a bit more work, and I’ll be curling the side hair coming out of the wig to be manga style, so I’ll update with a better picture once it’s completely done)

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I am currently working on a Sailor Moon wig based off this tutorial, but I will be posting my own tutorial on it later showing things I’ve learned in the process and what I did differently. If anybody else is interested in custom wigs (especially the Sailor Moon one, I’m having fun making it!) please send us an email, I would love to hear from you! I try to keep my prices reasonable and I’m willing to work with budgets.

In other news, I have a long royal blue wig for sale, either styled or unstyled, if anybody is interested. It is this wig from Arda Wigs, 35″ long, and I originally got it to style into a male night elf (from World of Warcraft) but we ended up running out of time for it, and so it’s sitting in our closet and we don’t need it for anything. Asking $10 less than price on website, and I’ll cut you a deal if you want it styled.

Keep an eye out, we’ve got the third part of the Arcanite Reaper tutorial coming up soon!