SacAnime pictures! (and kind of a review)

Mario and I had a great day at SacAnime! We drove 2 hours to get there, and ended up stopping a few places on the way (since we found out it didn’t open until 1pm on Friday) then arrived right as they opened. There were a few other Team Rocket grunts, an Ash and some good cosplay! We didn’t get many pictures with our camera, but here’s a flickr with a ton of photos from the convention, and it’s going on for today and tomorrow as well, so they should have even more photos up soon.

There were some good vendors there, a neat pajama company that made full pajamas shaped like animals; kangaroos, chickens, and even monsters. Then of course there was the awesome Pocket, who has a video game based webcomic. There were also lots of weapon vendors, with some good Master Swords and Hylian Shields, and we ran into a pretty good Link, too… didn’t have the camera on us, so we didn’t get a picture.

We ran into a Princess Zelda on the way in, which was pretty awesome.

And of course, an obligatory photo of us fighting Ash for his Pikachu.

We left early to have dinner with friends, but it was still a pretty fun day. If we lived closer we would have gotten a weekend pass, because we think Saturday is the day for cosplay, but oh well. Friday was still a fun day.

Team Rocket Grunt Cosplay! (A tutorial!)

Mario and I kind of forgot about SacAnime until two weeks ago. When we remembered, and realized it was so close, we needed a cosplay that would be quick and easy, and not so harsh on the pocketbook, since we are still elbow deep in our Blizzcon costumes. After much consideration and searching through the internet, we decided that yes! We would be Team Rocket grunts. Not that hard, right? Continue reading


Mario and I will be at SacAnime on Friday, September 3rd! We’re going to support our awesome friend Pocket and go to our first Anime convention! We’ve been to several conventions, but none of them specifically for anime, and we’re really looking forward to it. Look for the Team Rocket grunts!

Speaking of Team Rocket grunts, I’ll post up a quick and easy (as in, you don’t have to sew anything yourself, because you might already have most of the materials, or they’re easy to buy as is) Team Rocket grunt tutorial. Stay tuned!