Otaku House Cosplay contest!

I wanted to go ahead and put up a quick post linking our friends who are also entered into the Otaku House cosplay contest on Facebook. In order to vote for them, you’ll need to ‘like’ Otaku House, then ‘like’ their photos, and you can vote for as many as you like. If I left anyone out, or if you’d like me to link you as well, please let me know! Click on their names to go to the picture on Facebook!

Lorraine Torres, Mistress of Pain 

Svetlana Quindt,  Asmodian Gladiator form “Aion – Tower of Eternity”

Cynthia Hall (Ayabi), Sanctification Regalia from “World of Warcraft”

Christina Sims (ZerinaX),  Mother Shahraz from “World of Warcraft”

Natalie Brickell (Pixel Kitty), Lilith from “Darkstalkers”

 Skylar Urbaniak (Lyeric), Female Arthas from “Warcraft”

And of course, ours:

Alice Comstock, Female Witch Doctor from “Diablo 3”

Mario Roy, Priest Tier 8 Armor from “World of Warcraft”

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