Queen of Blades update: August 16

Sorry guys, but not a lot of progress happened this last week. I went back to work so I don’t have as much time to work on things.

(Here’s a picture of me in the oven so you get an idea of how big it is!)

The oven to bake the foam latex in is almost built, and I’ve been working on the dreads a little bit every day. That’s all there is for this week. By next week, I hope to have the dreads and cowl molded, as well as some basic structure work done on the wings.

These are just the two largest dreads, still need a big of sculpting and texturing, but the basic shape is done.

Oh, and we also got in our big order of foam latex, paint, and adhesives for the costume. It’s our biggest and most expensive order yet, so I was pretty excited to get it in today. The picture above isn’t all of it, just some of the components for the foam latex.

Thanks for reading, I’ll have another update up next week!

4 thoughts on “Queen of Blades update: August 16

    • Thank you!

      I think the de-infested Kerrigan looks really interesting and would likely be easier than the process I’m going through for infested Kerrigan, but after Blizzcon I’m going to be posting tutorials on how I did the whole thing, so you could probably use how I did the dreads for de-infested Kerrigan too :)

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