Queen of Blades update: July 18

This past weekend we worked on the feet for Kerrigan. I finished sculpting the feet, smoothed it out, and then we molded them. Well. one of them. 

…One side of one of them, to be exact. The other side will likely be done tomorrow.

I’m trying to not go into too much detail on our techniques or what we’re doing, because I’m going to be doing a full tutorial on this costume after it’s complete. I’m sorry for the lack of details, but if you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them.

The clay is sculpted on to a copy of my foot in the shoe that I’m going to be wearing for the cosplay. The plan for the molds is to cast it the ‘socks’ in foam latex, and glue them over the shoes. The heel will be sculpted on separately with Apoxie Sculpt.
That’s about all the progress I’ve got for right now. Hopefully by the next post, most of our pieces will be molded, but that might be a few weeks. We only have time to really work on the project on the weekends (every step takes several hours at a time, we can’t just sit down and work on something for a few minutes or half an hour and then leave it) and next weekend we’re out of town, and the weekend after we have guests. Our ultimate plan was to have most everything molded by the end of July, but we’ll see. We also want to get the complete costume done before the first of October.

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