Hot Glue Gun Helper winner!

The contest to win your very own Hot Glue Gun Helper kit along with a hot glue gun and some glue to go with it is over! I used to choose from the six comments:

The result was comment number 3:

Jen~cherida says:

Currently in the cosplay off season I make flower barettes for my girls. But they always try to help and with my dino of a glue gun its hard to not let them get burnt.

When making my cosplay I use it on everything from gemming a shoulder piece. To hemming a cloak. I’ve gotten very creative with my hot glue use. (Its like baby wipes. You are always finding new and intresting ways to use it)


Congrats to Jen! I’ll be sending her an email shortly, and to everyone else, keep an eye out for more contests in the future, and thank you all for entering!

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