www.fiendle.com commission review

Ok, you guys. Our friend Jenny (from fiendle.com, we’ve talked about her before) is pretty much the most awesome person ever.

I can tell you don’t believe me. How could anyone be the most awesome person, ever? Obviously I’m going to have to show you some pictures to convince you.

Firstly, some back story. Mario has a troll priest as his main, and I have a blood elf priest. When we first met at Blizzcon, he was wearing Tier 8 priest armor, and I was wearing (on the second day) a lovely purple dress. 

Yeah, kind of like that. Only he was a human, not a troll, but that’s what our characters look like in game (plus the shoulder armor on his part, totally forgot to add those in.)

So, since we have this awesome friend who makes awesome things, I messaged her and asked her about a super awesome Valentines day surprise for Mario. They came in on Thursday, and I honestly don’t even know how I controlled myself for one whole day to wait to give them to him today (we’re having a whole Valentines weekend thing since we both work Monday, and I originally planned to give it to him on Saturday but… yeah, it was too awesome).

Let me just say, these turned out amazing. Okay, okay, I’ll show you the pictures already:

Do you SEE that detail!

I die. The amount of work she put into these is phenomenal.

She even made a little Guiding Star! Squee!

I am just in love with these, and I know Mario is too. We collect pictures and such of our characters, and this is definitely a good addition to our collection.

Jenny was very good with communicating on how she was doing on progress with the dolls, and even updated me with pictures along the way. I feel like they’re reasonably priced, considering the amount of work that goes into making these dolls. She also offers custom painted backgrounds with them (of a favorite place in Azeroth, or otherwise), but the one you see here is one I did myself (first painting, so don’t judge!). I definitely recommend Jenny for your custom plushie needs (just think of surprising your significant other with a doll that looks just like their character!), or even a custom painting or drawing- which, I have to say, is so much cooler than figureprints.

Here’s a drawing she did for me as well:

Gorgeous! So as you can see, Jenny is awesome at a number of media, and you should email her for a commission to help support an awesome artist!

2 thoughts on “www.fiendle.com commission review

  1. I absolutely LOVE the dolls!! And this site is great!! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it sooner! @_@ I can’t wait to see what you all come up with this year! I may actually have a costume this year (a new one!) :D But I want to make sure I’m about 80% done with it before I say what it is.. I’m so afraid of Jinxing it.. lol

    Best of luck to you all, looking forward to more amazingness!! <3

    <3 Raine
    Mistress of Pain 09! XD

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