Arcanite Reapers and you: Part 2

We left off and we only had a very general shape of an ax and only a true wow nerd would be able to call this an “Arcanite Reaper”

After some examination of the current project I realized that I had made the center section much too large. I used the computer print out and laid it on top of the ax at this point and used this to find out where I needed to make some corrections.

As simple as it was, I turned the center section on edge and boom now we have an Ax. I made a quick mark on the sides of the center section and cut it down with my vibratory multi-tool.

If you look closely at the center there is a piece of 1/8 thick wood sheeting to provide a crush proof bottom so the handle wont destroy the foam.  This was an easy thing to do and very needed.

Quick outline of the foam block on to the wood.

Cut cleanly on the line, and always clean the edges up with some light sand paper 100-160 grit.

I coated the back of the wood with 2 part epoxy for both the quick set time and strength of bond. This stuff is great when you need a rock solid hold on an easy assembly.

Perfect fit, but gravity alone wont ensure a positive bond.

I broke out the clamps and some spare wood I had laying about and tightened them down to secure and provide a good stiff compression of the peice as it was glueing.

Bar clamps will be a huge asset with any crafting you do. they provide a stong hold and with such versatiltiy due to a huge jaw they can hold almost any project.

As this part sat and cured, (5 min epoxy is work time, full cure is 12-24 hours) I moved on to shaping of the ax head. I hand sketched the bevel on the ax. This line would act as the limit for the amount of foam I would remove, and because its 2 sheets of foam I used the joint as the guide for the bevel.  This means I sanded off all the from from the line i had drawn out to the edge of the foam.

Repeat and get both ax heads shaped and sanded out. At this point we are starting to have a shape that could be confused for an Arcanite Reaper!!

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