How to make your eyebrows match your wig!

Many times in cosplay, you see brightly colored wigs, but the eyebrows aren’t colored or don’t match. I like to make my eyebrows match, because if that’s the character’s natural hair, then why wouldn’t their eyebrows match?

Materials needed are a white eyeliner pencil, and eyeshadow in the shade (or close to the shade) of your wig.

Your first step is to make sure your eyebrows are groomed. You want them to not be bushy, because that will make them hard to cover. Once they’re nice and groomed, take a white eyeliner pencil, and completely cover your eyebrows with it. Only get the hairs of your eyebrows, or make sure you wipe the excess off later so that you don’t have weird white stuff around your brows.

Next, take the eyeshadow of your choice, something that closely matches the wig, and use an angled eyeliner brush to apply it over your brows. Try to stay with the natural shape of your eyebrow.

I used a mix of the third and fourth pinks from the top from the Coastal Scents 88 palette. This palette is really useful if you do a lot of cosplays with different colored wigs, because it has a ton of different shades to choose from for your brows (and whatever makeup look you’re going for).

And there you go! Pink (or whatever color matches your wig) eyebrows!

4 thoughts on “How to make your eyebrows match your wig!

  1. Hello,

    I just saw this tutorial, and I thought of trying it out. I guess I’m doing it wrong because the eyeliner took soo long to come off of my eyebrow. The eyeshadow didn’t really show with the white eyeliner either =(… Anything else I can try? Or is it because my eyebrows are too thick?

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