How to put on a short wig with long hair

I have longer hair, just past my collarbone, and for SacAnime I wore a short, chin length wig. Here is how I made it look smooth!


Part your hair down the middle, and braid. If you have longer hair, put it into higher ponytails and braid those.

Cross the braids in the back, and pin them tightly to your head with bobby pins.

I forgot to get a picture of the back, but put your wig cap on your head, tuck in any stray hairs, and pin the cap to your head as well, at the temples and in the back until it feels secure.

Here’s how it looked with the wig on:

And from the back:

Yay! Nice and smooth.

You can also check out ‘How to make your eyebrows match your wig’

Questions? Leave a comment!

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