Why do we cosplay?

My boyfriend Mario and I decided to open up this cosplay blog to show what we’ve learned in the past few years that we’ve been making costumes. He’s fantastic at making props, I’m really good at the makeup, jewelry and wig aspect, and together we make a great team.

I cosplay because I love dressing up. Ever since I saw my first anime, I started analyzing the characters and their clothing, wondering if I could pull this or that off, and thinking of how I could do each costume. I love putting on a wig and makeup, and some elaborate gear, and being a different person. The attention that people give you while you’re in costume is just an added bonus, but for me, it’s all about dressing up.

Mario says he cosplays because he enjoys having pictures taken of him, and because he enjoys the challenge of creating costumes. We can’t even go through a store without thinking ‘What could we turn this into?’ or ‘What could I use this tool for?’ The other day we bought a rug that was perfect for a Princess Mononoke costume, and it was cheaper and better quality than the fake furs we could get at Jo-Ann’s!

We decided to open up a blog so that we can share our knowledge, and post tutorials and cosplay experiments. We’ll also be posting tons of pictures from the conventions we go to!

Tutorials coming in the future:

How to cut wefts from a wig (to put onto another wig)

How to dye wefts using the FW ink method

How to sew wefts onto a wig (with some styling tips!)

How to make your own shoulder armor, perfect for any World of Warcraft tier set

How to craft a sword or dagger from pink insulation foam

How to dye a wig using the FW ink method (slightly different from dyeing wefts)

Things that we’ve learned: what not to do when crafting a costume

Many more to come, of course :D Stay tuned!

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