Things to do before going to a convention in Cosplay

This weekend, Mario and I had a photoshoot for our costumes for Blizzcon, mostly because I wanted to put together business cards for the convention, but more importantly because we needed to do a trial run. It’s always important to put on everything for your costume, including body paint, tattoos, makeup, wig, whatever is going to be in the final product, at least a few weeks before the convention that you’re going to. That way, if it’s an elaborate costume with lots of pieces, you’ll know how long it’ll take you to get ready, and even if it’s not, it’s good to practice walking around, being in character, posing, and seeing how the costume moves. Then if you’re going to run into any malfunctions with the costume, it will happen in your trial run, instead of while you’re at the convention or on stage for a masquerade, and you’ll have plenty of time to fix it.

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