We will update this page as we complete new costumes.

Tier 8 Priest with Guiding Star and Ironmender, Blizzcon 2009

Blood elf using Orb of Deception (aka turns you into a draenei if you’re a blood elf), Blizzcon 2009

Blood elf wearing Lovely Purple Dress, Blizzcon 2009

Female Link, Halloween 2009/Wondercon 2010

WWII Captain America, Wondercon 2010

Team Rocket Grunts (only picture we had of us full on, with a cosplayer we met), Sac Con (maybe?), 2010

Male and female Witch Doctors from Diablo 3 concept art (the female Witch Doctor got Honorable Mention at the costume contest), Blizzcon 2010

Kalecgos and Tyrigosa of the Blue Dragonflight, Blizzcon 2010

Female Arthas (the Lich King), 2010 by Lyeric.

bymrmugglesKerrigan from Starcraft 2, Blizzcon 2011. Photo by Mr.Muggles on Flickr.

DSC03358Doomsayer from World of Warcraft, Blizzcon 2011.

IMG_0472Satele Shan from Star Wars: The Old Republic and generic Jedi (though people thought he was a young Obi Wan!), SDCC 2012, photo by Tony Hsu.

IMG_0708Female Link inspired by fan art, SDCC 2012, photo by Tony Hsu.

2013-03-02 11.04.08Jayce from League of Legends, Emerald City Comic Con 2013






10 thoughts on “Cosplay

  1. Hello, i’m looking at your page, and I’m quite interested and knowing how much do you charge for commissions and armors kind of like a guyver armor? Get back to me.. nice work

    • There was a very long zipper in the back of the suit that was covered pretty well by the dreads, and I just had to be very slow with getting in and out of it so we didn’t tear anything. We also used something called Anti Monkey Butt which is a powder that made getting into it much easier.

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