WoW pet code giveaway!

We just reached 500 likes on Facebook (pretty exciting for us!) and so we’re giving away 6 WoW pet loot codes. We’re giving away 3 on our page, and 3 here. Just leave a comment below telling us why you love to cosplay, and at 9am, June 19, we will do a random number generator and choose 3 winners for a random pet code. Good luck!Image

The contest is now over! Since apparently only three people cared about trying to win a pet, all three commenters won a pet! Congrats!

3 thoughts on “WoW pet code giveaway!

  1. I’m in love with cosplay because it’s a form of self expression, as well as a way to show how much I love a particular series. It sparks the imagination to make costumes, helping to bring you even closer to the imaginative universes that you create them from. It’s fantastic to walk around and find so many other fans that you never would have met otherwise, as well as feel a kinship with fellow cosplay builders!

    regardless of the contest, I’d like to commend you on taking up such massive projects, AAA is a great tutorial and inspiration blog for Blizzard fans everywhere :D

  2. I love to cosplay because there is just so many characters from games and anime that I just fall in love with. It’s so much fun to take on that character, give them your own little twist, and have others just fall in love with what you’ve done. As someone who mainly crossplays, being told that I make an amazing female version of the character just makes me feel so amazing.

  3. I love to cosplay because it helps me get to know new people and get over some of my stage fright and shyness. I am still quite bad at being shy in front of people I don’t know but when I am cosplay I don’t get as shy since I get into character which has helped me in some of my presentations for college. I love the process of building the cosplay and then knowing that it will work out and things will turn out nicely is fun. I learned a lot of different things that I can use for other purposes. It is also very wonderful when people look at you and tell you that is wonderful costume/cosplay. It makes me feel very appreciated like how at Blizzcon 10 someone was giving out either a horde or alliance little plastic brooch pin for the reason he wanted to give something back to the cosplayers who make Blizzcon amazing. It is wonderful to meet those type of people. The only thing I don’t like about cosplaying is it can get quite expensive and I am not rich. >.<

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