Final touches on American McGee’s Alice costume: how to

So I finally got around to finishing my American McGee’s Alice costume, it was pretty quick and so here’s a quick tutorial!

Here’s the first part, if you haven’t seen it!

Now, all that I was missing was the skull and necklace. I may have made the skirt a little long; I had intended for it to be shorter with the use of a petticoat but I have not been able to find one locally that suits my needs yet. The one I have makes the skirt HUGE and bell shaped, so that was out of the question.

I had the boots already, Pleaser makes them, but you could probably easily modify a pair of flat knee high boots by attaching several buckles up the length of them. The striped white and black socks I got from a pirate festival, but you can find striped white and black stockings anywhere around Halloween time, or maybe at Hot Topic when it’s not Halloween.

For the skull, we were going to sculpt it out of foam, but came across the perfect skull at Spirit Halloween– it looks really goofy in the above photo (got it off of Spirit’s website) but in person, the jaw was closed and from the front, it was the perfect shape. We cut it in half just behind the jawbone with a vibratory saw, cleaned up the edge with an exacto knife, and painted the eyes a bit more black. Then, I glued the bottom jaw to the top with hot glue, hot glued in a piece of rolled up Magic Sculpt as a rod to attach it to the bow, and then attached it with a piece of velcro.

We couldn’t really find any Omega necklaces, so I printed out an image of the Omega symbol, then used Magic Sculpt to use that as a guide to sculpt it out. We made it about two inches wide.

Make sure to give it a nice shape on the front! Hers is more flat, I think, but we ended up giving it a more dimensional shape. Before it hardens, stick a piece of eye wire in there with a loop at the end so you can put it on a chain. When it hardens in a few hours, paint it silver, and stick it on a chain!

Oh, and the wig! I used Arda Wig’s Inigo in dark brown- I think it ended up being a little too short, but I’m pretty happy with it. It is slightly wavy, so what I did was slowly straighten the hair on a low setting with a straightening iron.

Here you can see it half straightened. Also gently brush the bangs to either side, similar to Alice’s in the game, and there you go!


I hope this was helpful to you guys, and if you’re interested in commissioning an Omega necklace from us, let us know! We’ll gladly make you one!

15 thoughts on “Final touches on American McGee’s Alice costume: how to

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  2. Hey love the costume! My mom and i are going to making one for me following your guide! I do need the omega necklace tho and was wondering how and if you would be able to make one for me? Thanks!


  3. I really appreciate you posting the necklace I’ve been debating on what I was going to make it out of for weeks. We already chose the material for the skull.

    Shoot me an email if you want to talk about petticoats I made mine, they are super quick and easy. That way you dont have to worry about trying to find them all the time.
    ~<3 Little Misha.

  4. Hey I like your costume that you made.iv’e been trying to find a costume pattern like this because I’m making a movie Alice the mcgee version for a school protect and I was wondering does the necklace you are making cost money because i’m maybe gonna have a lot of truble getting the supply’s.

  5. Wow thats really nice. I bought the outfit itself from They have a very well made one but it doesn’t have the skull or the necklace. The dress was pricey but the petticoat is part of the dress. I am going to use it to make the steampunk one for my steampunk group. I found that dress extremely comfortable. At least now I have an idea on how to make the necklace and the skull. The steam version.. now that will be a challenge lol

  6. How did you make the knife? or what would be the easiest way?
    Haha i would just use a real one, but i dont think that would be safe to run around at night with a sharp object. XD

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