We are taking commissions!

Mario and I are now taking commissions for wigs (me) and WoW weapons and armor components. Feel free to send us an email at tripleacosplay(at)gmail.com and we’ll gladly see if we can help you out!

Pictures of our work:

(This is our awesome friend Pocket… Mario made the helm, shield, sword, and shoulders, she made the horns on them and painted all the pieces)

Front of witch doctor wig, it was dyed, spiked, cut a bit for the spikes, and in the back I added more length for the braids, braided it, wrapped the braids, then made and attached the beads.

Base for T10 priest shoulders. Mario can do a base like this, or fully decorate it.

Dyed, added another full wig worth of wefts, made the ponytails and balls and braids in the front, as well as curling the ponytails so they were one big curl.

Just a few examples of what we can do, but we’re very happy to take commissions :)

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