Sewing wefts to your wig!

So you’ve cut apart a wig for the wefts, dyed them, and now you’re ready to sew them into your wig as needed. You can add wefts to a wig for multiple reasons; to make it thicker, longer, or if you need to style the wig half up or in such a way that if you left it as is, you could see through the wig.

Materials needed: curved needle, scissors, thread that matches the color of your wig, pins, wig head, and your wig and wefts. You may also want to get some hair clips so you can clip the hair of the wig up while you’re sewing on the wefts.

I’m adding wefts because I need my wig to be able to have a braided headband look, a half ponytail in the back, and two pigtails hanging down out of red orbs behind the ears. I’m only going to show how I add on the wefts in this post, but later on I’ll make one on how I styled the entire wig.

Here is my base wig. It’s a Ferrari in ash blond from Arda-wigs, just like the one I made my wefts out of. I dyed it with the same formula that I dyed the wefts, so that they are the same color throughout. (I apologize for the table; we’re doing about six projects at once right now)

You want to first make sure your wig is securely pinned to the wig head; if you tug on the wig and it moves then you should probably add more pins. Good places to put the pins are usually at the temples, at the top of the wig, and one or two around the bottom. After you separate the wig and you know where you’re placing the first weft, clip the top part of the hair up.

Here is a ‘what not to do’ photo. Can you see in the picture where the shorter parts of the hair on the weft are in the front? You don’t want that, they should always be on the bottom, so that the hair lays the right way.

This shows the right way to lay your wefts. I think that if your wig has a lace cap, you may be able to sew in between the existing wefts, but since this one doesn’t, I’m going to be sewing on top of them instead. You want to grab a few more pins and stick them along the weft to hold it in place while you start sewing it on. If the weft is too long, don’t be afraid to trim it. You might find a use for that shorter piece later!

Thread the needle, and get to work. Try to get as many stitches going around the existing weft and the one you’re adding on as you can, and make sure your stitches are tight! For some reason I always start at the right and go left but it doesn’t matter which way you go.

Here you can see the weft is fully sewn in. Simply part the hair again and repeat as many times as needed!

I went ahead and put in the half ponytail in the back so that I could see if there were any more spots I needed to cover. As you can see, there is one almost bald spot where you can still see the lines of wefts.

Here it is after! This wig isn’t quite done yet, I still need to add two pigtails with red orbs and braid some hair around the top, but I’ll add those on after my ears come in.

If you have any questions, or if there was something I need to go more in depth with, please comment and let me know!


12 thoughts on “Sewing wefts to your wig!

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  2. Hey! Your wig tutorial has been very helpful! I actually hot glued all of my wefts to make my wig. I had been very tentative about it at first– worried the hot glue would melt the fibers or be too difficult to work with or not stay as well, but it ended up being just fantastic! I don’t think I could ever sew them now! Perhaps you could mention the hot glue option for your fans :)

  3. Hi! I have a wig to style where the character has hair of different colours underneath and I have no idea how to get those to show on the underneath only. Any tips? I bought wefts but I’m not sure how to make it work…

  4. I love the colour of this wig!! Is it human hair or synthetic ?
    Your tutorial was very helpful, I’m looking to repurpose and old wig.

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